Covid-19 Protocols

The health and safety of our clients is extremely important to us; we want you to come here to improve your health and fitness! We have adopted a series of protocols, following Nova Scotia government guidelines, to ensure your safety.
  • Anyone entering the facility must be double-vaccinated. Proof of vaccination is required to attend a tour or train at Highlander. Please bring your proof of vaccination with you when you come.
  • Members can choose to sign a consent form allowing us to keep a record of your vaccination status; this means you do not have to show your proof of vaccination every time you attend a session.
  • Members are required to stay at home and not attend the gym if they have any of the following symptoms (runny nose, coughing, sneezing, fever, difficulty breathing).  You will not be allowed to participate of you exhibit any of these symptoms. If you have any of these symptoms please phone 811 to arrange an assessment/test.
  • Members are not required to wear a mask during training, but must wear a mask when arriving and leaving.
  • Each session is now 45mins in duration, to allow 15mins to clean the gym and equipment before the next session.
  • Members are not allowed to enter the gym until everyone from the previous session has left the gym.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided; members must sanitise their hands upon entry to the gym and during the rest station when training.
  • Members are required to bring a large thick towel to lie on for any floor based exercises.
  • No disposable water bottles in the gym (personal reusable bottles only).
  • Please limit bringing personal belongings into the gym. Leave jackets, bags etc. in your vehicle.
  • Any personal belongings (clothing, footwear, phones, water bottles, towels etc) left in the gym will be bagged up and must be collected within 48hrs. Please don’t leave belongings at the gym! We do not accept responsibility for anything members leave behind.
  • The gym and equipment is cleaned with a government approved anti-bacterial cleaning product.
  • Members must maintain a 2m distance between other members while training.
  • If you are visiting the facility for a tour you will be required to wear a mask.
  • We always train in small groups of no more than 6 people.
We value all of our members and work hard to keep the facility safe. If we all do our part we can keep the Covid-19 numbers down and eventually get back to normal 🙂
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